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The Gables Sunshine Story

Situated in the heart of Coral Gables, the Gables Sunshine Group is a distinguished real estate agency within the City Beautiful. Our team comprises seasoned professionals, each dedicated to their respective domains to deliver top-tier real estate services.

David leads the way with a solid reputation in the industry. While his understanding of the market dynamics is unparalleled, it’s our innovative marketing strategies that set us apart. We believe in leveraging cutting-edge marketing techniques to ensure our properties and services reach the right audience and make a lasting impression.

Several of our team members have gleaned invaluable insights from diverse markets, including the dynamic environment of New York City. This vast experience ensures that we approach every client’s needs with a tailored strategy.

The Gables Sunshine Group goes beyond standard real estate transactions. We’re here to guide our clients through each phase, emphasizing transparency, efficiency, and a commitment to excellence.

Choose us to embark on a real estate journey marked by expertise, innovation, and professionalism.

Unmatchable Value

In today’s competitive real estate environment, choosing the right representation means more than just picking a firm. It’s about partnering with a group that brings a depth of knowledge in target locations, unparalleled marketing prowess, tested business strategies, and a genuine commitment to building lasting relationships.

Confidence and Results

Unparalleled Value

In an intricate and competitive real estate landscape, selecting representation goes beyond just choosing a firm. It entails aligning with a group that offers not only specialization in desired locations, but also exceptional marketing resources, proven business models, and a dedication to fostering personal relationships.

The Gables Sunshine Group is just such a team. Comprising of skilled professionals who intuitively comprehend their client’s needs, we bring a wealth of expertise from our success in South Florida and beyond. Our global reach affords our clients and partners unique opportunities to explore property ownership across borders.

Today’s market calls for a group with a comprehensive understanding of real estate norms at the local, national, and international levels. Mastery of these aspects is crucial to closing successful real estate deals, regardless of the market we operate in.

With the Gables Sunshine Group, you gain more than a real estate team; you gain exclusive connections, global reach, local knowledge, and an international expertise. We dedicate time to escort our clients through global transactions, demystifying each step of the process. Whether buying or selling, our outstanding services and globally mindful business practices are at your disposal to ensure your real estate journey is as seamless as it is successful.

David Ramos
President, CEO

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Our boutique model allows us to offer personalized support to our clients.

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We handle a selective portfolio of transactions to maintain focus and quality.

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Every project is overseen by the GFG Securities management team.

A Vision of Excellence

To be the leading name in luxury real estate in South Florida, recognized for transforming client dreams into reality. We aim to be the trusted bridge connecting aspirations with the unique charm of South Florida, crafting a community of satisfied homeowners along the way.

A Unique Mission

To leverage our diverse expertise in service of our clients' real estate journeys. We excel in client relations, innovate in marketing, and lead in sales, all while prioritizing our clients' satisfaction. Our mission is to build enduring relationships and shape refined lifestyles across South Florida, one home at a time.

Award-winning excellence

An influential and successful group

Previously noted, the Gables Sunshine Group is an exceptional assembly of skilled professionals whose vast expertise has been cultivated through working with ultra-high-net-worth individuals, managing transactions at local, national, and global scales, and consulting for leading global brands and Fortune 500 companies.

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